Dr. Sasha StaskoDr. Sasha Stasko

Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation and Care

Please allow at least 1 hour for this type of visit.

This is a very detailed examination to assess your oral and periodontal health, in order to provide you with options in treating your disease.


Dr. Sasha will:

  • start by reviewing your medical history.
    • please bring a list of any medications.
    • fill out the patient information form found here(link?). To save time fill in the form in advance and email it to us. Or, print and complete the form at home and bring it to your appointment. Unable to so? We will provide this to you at the office.:
  • thoroughly examine your neck and jaw joints, oral soft tissues and jaw bones, teeth and gums, bite, and oral hygiene.
  • take the appropriate and indicated dental radiographs (x-rays) necessary to help diagnose periodontal disease and bone support for your teeth, the health of your teeth, and help screen for any pathology. (These radiographs are usually different from those you have with your family dentist at a routine check up and cleaning).
    • Please have any recently taken radiographs forwarded from your dental office as these too may be helpful to supplement what is taken at this visit.
  • discuss the information gathered on this day, including your risk factors, why you have periodontal disease, any contributing factors, provide you with a diagnosis, prognosis, and a recommended treatment plan.
  • forward a summary report of your visit, including radiographs, to your referring family dentist or specialist.


Dr. Sasha will:

  • discuss an overall plan and coordinate with your referring dentist, when needed.
  • answer your questions.
  • provide you with a summary treatment plan and estimated costs.


In most cases, Dr. Sasha will:

  • recommend that your treatment begin with non-surgical root planning (a deep cleaning of your roots, under your gums). For your comfort, this may take 1 to 4 visits to our office, depending on the severity of your periodontal disease, the amount of plaque and calculus that needs to be removed, and whether local anesthetic (numbing) is needed or not.
  • a second examination, called a reevaluation, will be required about 4-8 weeks following your initial deep cleaning(s) to assess your response, and further discuss and plan for your care in the future. In some cases, periodontal surgery may be recommended. There are other names for this, some of which include a flap (or flapping) or an open cleaning. (Please visit the what we do page for more info)
Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation and Care

*Most importantly, once you are diagnosed with periodontal disease, many patients require more frequent cleanings, called periodontal maintenances. These help maintain the progress you have gained in your quest for periodontal health. Remember, your periodontium is the foundation which supports your teeth.

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