• This procedure which releases muscle pull from under your gums, is performed most routinely in three areas of your mouth: 1) under your top lip between your front teeth, 2) under your bottom lip, between your lower front teeth, 3) and under your tongue, if it is attached too tightly to the back inside of your bottom jaw.
  • This is performed, when indicated, in some children and teenagers who are undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • Other times, frenum pulls are released when the pull is thought to be contributing to gum recession in adults.
  • When the frenum is released under the tongue (tongue-tied), this is sometimes needed to improve speech, or to allow the proper placement of orthodontic appliances.
  • This is a relatively routine procedure, which is performed on both adults and children, using local anesthetic after an adequate amount of numbing jelly is placed in advance.
  • This is sometimes performed in conjunction with soft tissue grafting.

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