Extractions (Removal of Teeth)

  • Although keeping your own teeth, and in a healthy state as long as possible should always be your main goal, sometimes tooth removal is inevitable, and in your best interest, especially when disease or infection is involved.
  • Removal of teeth may be indicated due to periodontal disease, in preparation for implant placement, to prepare for orthodontics, because a tooth is fractured and is unable to be repaired, due to a failed root canal, due to trauma, or the teeth do not fit in your mouth and pose risk for future infection, or risk to adjacent teeth that are important to keep.
  • In many cases, your family dentist will be the one removing a tooth, and likely and oral and maxillofacial surgeon when it involves impacted wisdom teeth. However, if you are contemplating implant placement by Dr. Sasha, it is usually beneficial to have her remove the tooth, in an effort to save as much bone as possible, and to help in the overall planning.
  • Your dentist may also request that you have your periodontally hopeless teeth removed with us, in particular when it can be combined in conjunction with other periodontal procedures for your convenience.